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Safety is our number 1 goal. To ensure our passengers are safe, we are committed to follow some safety rules to begin from hiring and to finish with our fleet inspection.
Hiring procedures: :
Paper screening and interviewing are our 2 steps to make sure our employees are qualified and meet all requirements. Paper screening includes: DL Validity check (CDL. P & S endorsements), driving records check (abstract), Criminal history background check (Fingerprinting), Medical examination check (DOT)… Interviewing includes: this step provides us with the opportunity to interact with the applicant. A standard list of questions is to be asked in each recruitment to ensure that the recruitment process is consistent and that the manager and applicant remain focused. We also address issues or topics not on the script to check and take note of the applicant's communication skills, attitude, preferences and ability to answer questions without preparation. Criminal background checks on every driver, aide, and staff member that has contact with students.
Safety training:
Employees who operate a school bus vehicle must participate in a quarterly safety training on vehicle’s operation and safety. This includes reading and adhering Mercy’s safety manual as well as a training on wheelchair vehicles in use of equipment, securing students, evacuations and response to individual passenger medical emergencies.
Bi-weekly and quarterly inspection:
Any vehicle demonstrating malfunction is immediately removed from the road and repaired. Our vehicles are also subjected to random inspection to insure our fleets adhere the standards for the state vehicles inspections.

Communication is the key to meeting all safety needs. Our mangers and drivers are able to conduct real-time communication for transporting our students as well as communicating with school and parents/ guardians to coordinate the safe, reliable transportation of each student, Those familiar yellow and black vehicles are the safest form of transportation in the country, considering the many miles and the travel conditions buses undergo to transport children to and from school, sports and other events. This is due, in large part to the many safety features built into school buses. School buses are designed to take a great deal of impact, not to crush in event of roll over, and to cushion children with compartmentalization between the seats in the event of a crash or a fast stop

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